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Can saving money really be fun? We think so! Of course, it may not be as much fun as going out and spending it, but there are ways you can make it feel more enjoyable and hopefully not so monotonous. By learning ways to have fun while saving money, you might actually save MORE, which is always a great thing.

The most common way to help you save more and keep you motivated is to challenge yourself. The easiest challenge out there is the $20 Savings Challenge. By saving $20 every week...READ MORE

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I can still remember working my first “year-end closing” at a bank. Among the late nights, the uncertainty flourishing from me helping with it for the first time, and the issues we had with our core system, the thing I remember the most was printing tax forms. It seemed like we had a never-ending supply of forms, which was good because there were hundreds to print out. We’d load them up in a dot matrix printer (yes, I’m old…though in my defense that printer was manufactured when I was in...READ MORE

As we take this time to reflect on 2017, we want to say thank you for your business. May you have a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2018!

Please remember the last day to conduct 2017 business is Friday, December 29th. All Bruning Bank locations will be closed the following dates to enjoy time spent with family and friends.

Monday, December 25th

Monday, January 1st

We wish you a Merry Christmas...READ MORE

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This past weekend I thoroughly annoyed my kids by watching one of my favorite Christmas movies, A Christmas Carol.  Of course, the one I grew up watching was made by MGM in 1938 and the girls couldn’t quite see the beauty of it, immediately deeming it “boring” and going off to do something more exciting.  The oldest one was heard to say as she walked towards her room, “it’s not even in color!”

But regardless of what you think of the movie or the book, Charles Dickens’ A...READ MORE

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Did you know that 80% of consumers use their debit card to pay for everyday purchases like groceries, meals, and gas? This was found in a recent survey by the American Consumer Credit Counseling. Furthermore, every swipe of the debit card from Bruning Bank is reviewed by our Fraud Detection Center to determine if it is fraudulent or not. If the transaction is a red flag, you will receive an automated call to verify your recent transactions.

An example would be to verify the...READ MORE

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How about some digital decluttering to start the week? It’s National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day! Here are some thoughts and tips to get started:

A recent report noted that Americans devote more than 10 hours a day to screen time. So not only do you need to clean scattered papers off your desk, but taking the time to clean your virtual desktop on your computer, tablet, and smartphone is necessary!

  • At first, it is so easy to save files to your desktop, however your
  • ...READ MORE
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By Darrell Raum, Chief Credit Officer

Over the years, I have observed there is quite a wide variety of results from the transfer of family wealth from one generation to the next. Sustaining family wealth across multiple generations is difficult. Those families with a mid to large size business usually spend a good amount of time on business succession planning. I would suggest all families with any wealth at all should be continually developing a plan to transfer wealth to...READ MORE