ID Theft Resolution

We Keep Your Family One Step Ahead.

Not long ago, dumpster divers and lost wallets were your biggest identity theft worries. That's not the case anymore.

As our lives have gone digital, so have the thieves - with email hacking, social media smears, phishing attacks, and data breaches. Plus, they have more devices to exploit, like tablets and smartphones.

Bruning Bank provides you with America's premier identity theft services, including education, proactive resources, document replacement, and one-on-one expert resolution services for FREE.

If you ever find yourself faced with identity theft worries, contact us at the bank to be connected to a dedicated CyberScout fraud specialist who will advise you, place fraud alerts, call creditors, help you obtain replacement documents, and stick with you for as long as it takes to restore your good name and peace of mind.

This complimentary customer benefit is our way of saying thanks for including Bruning Bank in your financial services family! For more information, visit

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Broken Bow

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Luke Thorell