How about some digital decluttering to start the week? It’s National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day! Here are some thoughts and tips to get started:

A recent report noted that Americans devote more than 10 hours a day to screen time. So not only do you need to clean scattered papers off your desk, but taking the time to clean your virtual desktop on your computer, tablet, and smartphone is necessary!

  • At first, it is so easy to save files to your desktop, however your
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By Darrell Raum, Chief Credit Officer

Over the years, I have observed there is quite a wide variety of results from the transfer of family wealth from one generation to the next. Sustaining family wealth across multiple generations is difficult. Those families with a mid to large size business usually spend a good amount of time on business succession planning. I would suggest all families with any wealth at all should be continually developing a plan to transfer wealth to...READ MORE