Update for Fraud Notification Calls

Update for Fraud Notification Calls

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Did you know that 80% of consumers use their debit card to pay for everyday purchases like groceries, meals, and gas? This was found in a recent survey by the American Consumer Credit Counseling. Furthermore, every swipe of the debit card from Bruning Bank is reviewed by our Fraud Detection Center to determine if it is fraudulent or not. If the transaction is a red flag, you will receive an automated call to verify your recent transactions.

An example would be to verify the transactions: $43.19 at Grocery Kart in Broken Bow, $10.56 at Dairy Queen in Broken Bow, and $300.00 in California. The transaction from California would be a red flag and you would receive a call to verify if you authorized the payment.

There has now been an update to the automated system as of 10/30/17. When you receive the call you will hear: “Thank you. If you would prefer to not receive fraud notification calls like this in the future, press ‘pound.’ Otherwise, to verify your identity, please enter the five-digit mailing zip code associated with your card now. To return to the previous menu, press 9.”

When the cardholder presses the pound (#) key, the call will be transferred to a call center to work with the caller to disengage the notification service. The representative will review the case with the caller if they choose, or will close the case as Unconfirmed Fraud.

Please note it is important to understand that if you opt out of the phone calls, you will still be enrolled in the fraud detection service. So, if there would be a case that a transaction is considered fraudulent, but you have opted out of the notification calls, your card will still be turned off without your notice. This action is to continue to protect your account.

To avoid an incident of having your card turned off, we recommend to not opt out of the notification calls. Also, another recommendation is to call your local Bruning Bank branch and verify that we have your cell phone as your primary contact phone number. Your primary contact phone number should be easily accessible as this will be the number the Fraud Detection Center will call to verify transactions. If you have any questions regarding your debit card or our fraud detection system, please give us a call.