How Things Have CHANGED!

How Things Have CHANGED!

Thursday, January 25, 2024

             In the 1960’s when I was a young boy, life was much different than it is today. Life was simpler but labor was harder. You didn’t have much interaction with others but your immediate family. Life wasn’t necessarily better, just different.


1960s: The 1960s saw the early stages of the computer- with the development of mainframe computers. I can remember in the early to mid-seventies when our college computer would fill a very large room. Calculators and personal computers did not exist, and communication was primarily done through landlines. The landlines were on a party line so the neighbors on your little circuit could listen in.

Today: We live in the age of smartphones, laptops, and the internet. Technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. From communication to work to entertainment.


1960s: Communication was primarily done though face-to-face conversations, landline phones, and written or type-written letters. Long distance phone was expensive and not used very often.

Today: Communication is instant and throughout the world thanks to smartphones and the internet. We can video call anyone around the world, send text messages, and use social media to stay connected.


1960s: Television was the dominant form of entertainment and we only got two stations, sometimes three. Our families gathered around the TV to watch shows and news broadcast, especially the weather forecast. Andy Griffith and Gunsmoke were my favorite TV shows. Music was enjoyed through our record player and the radio.

Today: Entertainment options are enormous and on-demand. Streaming services provide access to an abundance of movies, TV shows, and music. Now with the thousands of TV channels we can watch, we just say, “there is nothing on.” Video games have also become a significant source of entertainment for some.


1960s: Our clothes in the 60s was characterized with bold, colorful patterns, miniskirts, a what we called mod styles. Hippie type apparel with tie-dye and bell bottoms were popular. Personally, I wore hand-me-downs until I was out of high school. All business-related men wore suits to work.

Today: Our dress today is globally influenced. Casual and comfortable clothing, such as athleisure wear is prevalent. Men wear suits to funerals sometimes but seldom otherwise.

Work and Education:

1960s: Work and education were more traditional, with a focus on office jobs and brick and mortar schools. People kept the same job for years and even a lifetime. The concept of remote work or online learning was virtually nonexistent.

Today: Technology has enabled remote work and online education, offering more flexibility and opportunities for people to work and learn from anywhere.

Political Landscape:

1960s: The 1960s were marked by the Cold War between the United State and the Soviet Union, as well as the space race. The U.S. also experienced political assassinations and civil rights struggles.

Today: The whole political landscape has changed significantly, with different challenges such as cyber warfare, terrorism, and global economic issues.

Overall, while the 1960s were characterized by a sense of social and cultural upheaval, the world today is defined by rapid technological advancements, globalization, and ongoing societal changes. Each era has its unique challenges and opportunities.

- John Boehler, Senior Vice President- Holdrege -