House Hunting? What to Know.

House Hunting? What to Know.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Bruning Bank’s mission statement is to assist in building and maintaining wealth. This means that we look out for your entire financial wellbeing, not just a small part of it. As a mortgage loan officer, I look at the big picture – you may be able to afford the house payment now, but what about future debt you may incur? A large house payment may seem fine if you don’t have a car payment, but what if your car breaks down and you have to get a loan for a new one? Will you still be able to handle your mortgage payment? 

Before looking at houses, I encourage everyone to get prequalified as it will help determine the amount of house you can afford, overall and within your monthly budget. In larger cities, some realtors won’t even show a home unless you have been prequalified. We would be happy to visit with you in person or over the phone about different options. We have several options and truly enjoy visiting with people to find the right fit for their situation. Our online application is quick and easy to complete. Once the loan process is started, you can electronically sign and upload documents. If you prefer to meet in person, we are happy to meet with you, with proper Covid-19 precautions, of course!

If you are interested in learning more about how the mortgage department can help you build and maintain wealth, please reach out to one of our experienced mortgage loan officers or apply online

- Michaela Nielsen, Mortgage Loan Office (NMLS # 894658)