The Fun in Saving

The Fun in Saving

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Can saving money really be fun? We think so! Of course, it may not be as much fun as going out and spending it, but there are ways you can make it feel more enjoyable and hopefully not so monotonous. By learning ways to have fun while saving money, you might actually save MORE, which is always a great thing.

The most common way to help you save more and keep you motivated is to challenge yourself. The easiest challenge out there is the $20 Savings Challenge. By saving $20 every week for a year, you will have saved $1,040. If you’re able to, you can double that and then you’d have $2,080. There are people who get really stressed when the holidays approach, because they wonder how they are going to pay for Christmas on top of already paying their regular bills. This will help!

Another challenge we like is whenever you spend money on something you “want”, you would need to put that same amount of money into your savings account. This may not be as easy as transferring $20 to your savings every week in the previous challenge, but if you are willing to commit to it we think you’ll find that it will help improve your savings account balance AND help you spend less.

Another easy way to help you save is to create a visual. This works especially well if you’re saving for something specific like a family vacation, a vehicle, or something else. The most popular visual that gets used is the savings thermometer. The top of the thermometer should represent what it is that you are saving for. Each week or month, color the thermometer to how much you’ve saved. Again, consistency is the key as you watch your savings grow!

Bruning Bank offers great options to help you reach your savings goals. We are always happy to go over these options with you and help you decide which is best!

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Kristen Swartzendruber

Customer Service, Hebron