We realize security tips are never very entertaining to read, but here are a few tips that really are helpful.  And they are specific to mobile devices, which we are all using more and more these days!


Some of our customers have notified us about a letter they received from a bi-weekly payment service.  Please know we did not send this letter and we are not affiliated or associated with any companies sending offers for bi-weekly payment programs!

If you ever have any questions about payments on your loan or mortgage, please contact us directly.  We are always here to help and to discuss how you may make extra payments. 

Here is what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says about bi-weekly payments:

"In the bi-weekly payment plan, the servicer is collecting an extra payment over the course of the year, not simply cutting the interest you will pay. By making additional payments and applying your payments to the principal, you may be able to pay your loan early. Be sure to review your loan terms to see if you will be subject to a pre-payment penalty if you do so. While you cannot set up your own bi-weekly plan, you can accomplish the same general goal of paying down your loan faster by:

  • Making one extra mortgage payment a year on your own.
  • Dividing your monthly payment by 12, and adding that amount to your payment every month."

Third party payment servicers usually charge very high fees and often have many consumer complaints filed against them.  We urge you to always read the fine print on any offer you receive and contact us directly with any questions or concerns about your loan payments.  We're always happy to assist you!


As of February 23, 2015, new detection and notification procedures are in place to help prevent fraud on your ATM cards and debit cards.  Here's what you need to know!
  • When fraud is suspected on your card, you will receive an automated call from the "Fraud Detection Center".  The number on Caller ID will be:  877-253-8969.
  • These calls will usually come to your mobile phone, in an effort to reach you as quickly as possible to confirm whether a transaction is legitimate.  Calls will only be made between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.
  • If you miss the call, they will leave a message and continue trying to reach you every 2 hours in order to verify the transaction(s).
  • If you ever have concerns about a call you receive regarding your ATM or debit card, you may always hang up and dial one of our locations directly to double-check the situation.

Along with the new fraud detection service, we are excited to offer new 24-hour customer service numbers for card-related issues.  (To talk directly to someone at our bank, please call our usual phone numbers during business hours.)  For your extra convenience though, you may call these numbers at any time:
- To report a lost or stolen card  -  800-472-3272
- To reset a forgotten PIN  -  800-992-3808

As always, if you plan to travel outside the U.S. or shop online from websites located in other countries, you must first notify us if you want to be able to use your debit card.


As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for the Windows XP operating system as well as for the Office 2003 software suite.  This means they will no longer provide critical updates or security patches.  Continuing to use Windows XP will make you more vulnerable to harmful viruses and other malicious software.  Also be aware that many newer apps, as well as new printers, scanners, and other devices, may not be compatible with PCs still running Windows XP and Office 2003.

If you are still using Windows XP, it is very important that you know about this security risk.  We strongly recommend you upgrade to a supported operating system, like Windows 7 or 8, so you can better protect your personal information and business data when using our services like Online Banking, Merchant Deposit Capture, ACH Origination, etc.  For more information, please visit Microsoft's website at: 


As you probably know, we have transitioned our bank operations to a data processing center.  This has brought many advantages and allows us to offer new services to you more quickly!

One thing to note, especially as you do your 2014 taxes, is that all checking accounts had a statement cut as of February 21, 2014.  The next statement then arrived on your usual statement cycle timing.  Between these two statements, all of your transactions will be covered, but the statements may not include the usual number of days. 


Along with most other credit and debit card providers, we have taken steps to upgrade our security and protect our customers from the ever increasing threat of card fraud.  Please be aware that all foreign card transactions are automatically blocked.  Don't worry - we can remove this block on a case-by-case basis if you contact us!

Please note that even common travel destinations, such as Canada and Mexico, will be blocked because of the frequency of fraudulent card activity originating in those countries.

As always, it's very important that you let us know when you will be traveling outside the U.S.  This security change could also affect those who shop online, as you might not always know where a seller or retailer is located.

We do not want to hinder your online shopping or complicate your travel plans.  We are doing our best to help protect you from card fraud!  If you are concerned this change will affect you, please contact us with any questions.


Click to read 10 Tools to Help You Fight Fraud (pdf),
courtesy of the Nebraska Bankers Association.

If you are a business owner, browse some of these
great resources for improving your Internet security
and training your employees:

Internet Security Essentials (US Chamber of Commerce)
Data Security Made Simpler (Better Business Bureau)
Small Biz Cyber Planner (FCC)


Please remember that we, Bruning State Bank, will never initiate an email or text message that asks you for your full account number, card number, Social Security number, or PIN.  If you ever receive a suspicious email or text asking for such information, DO NOT REPLY!  Our Alerts service through Online Banking does send email and text messages, but these are to provide you with account information that you have requested.

On phone calls, we may ask you to verify some of these items as a way to confirm your identity.  Whenever you call us, please use one of our numbers listed on our bank's website or listed in the phone book to make sure you are talking to one of our employees, not a scam artist.  

If you ever think your personal information has been compromised, please let us know as soon as possible so we can take the appropriate measures to protect your account.


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