Security Is Our Top Priority

Security Is Our Top Priority

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Each night at my house before everyone heads off to bed, my wife or I will go around and check each of the doors of the house to make sure they are locked. Our three-year-old has recently started joining me on this quick trip to make sure everything is secure and mentioned the other night how safe this makes her feel. We are working through her fear of the dark and have found success with many approaches (night lights, reassuring stories, etc.) which has really helped her peace of mind as she drifts off to sleep.

I’ve thought about security a lot this week as we were alerted by our software provider that they had uncovered a minor programming issue on our Online Banking site with our Alerts service. While this issue affected numerous banks across the country, our average Online Banking user would not have been affected at all by this software glitch, and as it turned out none of our users were negatively affected. This was because of the security measures that Bruning Bank has put in place over the years that go above and beyond what we are required to do. The glitch has already been dealt with, and those of you that use our Alerts service as well as all Online Banking users can confidently continue using all of our services, knowing that they are fully secure.

Your financial well-being and security are always at the top of our mind, and just like my three-year-old depends on my wife and I to keep her safe at night, you can depend on your financial partners at Bruning Bank to keep you safe. Just like we are using a multi-tier approach to ease her fear of the dark, so too is Bruning Bank using multiple layers of protection to keep you safe whether you bank with us online, from your smart phone, or visit us in the branch. Every decision we make here is done with security in mind and when something like this software glitch happens, we are confident that we can respond more quickly, and with better outcomes than most other banks. Thank you for your trust and just know that we will continue evaluating and evolving our system to give you the best experience and security possible.

Corey Swartzendruber
Chief Information Officer