Holiday Shopping Made Easier

Holiday Shopping Made Easier

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

With the holiday season now upon us, the familiar conversation with my wife can now begin. We’ll be sitting there with the kids, watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Charlie Brown, or just a random ball game and the commercial will come on. It changes slightly year to year but it’s always the same deal…. a man or woman who clearly lives in an enormous house takes their spouse or family out to the drive way on a snow-covered morn to reveal that they have purchased a luxury car for them for Christmas. The gigantic red bow is always centered on the roof. Alyson will then turn to me and say the same thing, “I’d like to think that if you dropped that much on a car, we’d talk about it first”. To which I will always say, “Our cars are just fine as they are and the transaction would never go through on my debit card.” The 10-year-old will then say, “Our cars are pretty old and this would be a cool gift.” I’ll then say, “The marketing department got to you again.” And so it goes, every year like clockwork.

I don’t bring this story up to mock you if you’ve ever purchased a car for a significant other at Christmas (I’m sure your kid or kids thought you were a hero) but to bring up that we naturally spend more during this gift giving season. As I mentioned in my last article, this is a busy time for my family anyway with a ton of birthdays happening but then throw Christmas on top of it and we are spending at a different level than the rest of the year. And we aren’t the only ones, each year the holiday season shows an uptick in spending for most of our customers.

With that in mind, Bruning State Bank is here to help you out. We are going to temporarily raise our debit card limits on our debit cards to $3000 per day from the first week of November through the end of the year. We know this is a hectic time and the last thing you want to do is call the Bank to raise your debit card limit for that large purchase. Want to buy that new gaming system or computer at a Black Friday discount? We have you covered. Going to replace that washing machine/dryer combo? Go for it! Your card won’t be an issue!

The great part about this is even with the raised limit, our fraud detection system is still working overtime to keep your account safe. We would also highly encourage you to set up Card Valet, our debit card monitoring system that not only alerts you when your card is used but also can help you to control your card right from your phone! Our helpful customer service people are always here for you with any questions you may have. And whether you are getting that brand-new Lexus or something less extravagant, Bruning State Bank wishes you a Happy Holiday season!

-Corey Swartzendruber, Chief Information Officer