Face to Face

Face to Face

Monday, August 22, 2022

“Come over and see us sometime,” is something you have probably heard from your grandparents or parents. After the pandemic watering down social gatherings, we see even less people in the bank lobbies. Lots of things can be done online now and I do appreciate the convenience and our great IT team at Bruning Bank. We also appreciate the loyalty of our customers when we have had to close our lobbies for security reasons. Different times we live in.

“Come over and see us sometime.” It is easy to say, “I just called you”, what more is there? Social media is great for sharing family pictures with those who are far away. Family phone calls to talk about life can be wonderful and uplifting. But there is something missing with human contact. Things get sugar coated; “everyone is fine here, we are all good, keeping busy and kids are growing.” Or on social media, we only pick the good pictures and stories, always looking like the perfect gardener, parent, chef, or craftsman. Things look so perfect and superficial; we don’t even want to admit our mistakes. Then, the judging comes out.

Nobody is perfect and it keeps getting harder to admit we are wrong. Without personal interaction with people, things get whitewashed, and pictures get filtered. I can’t even imagine what online dating is like now. One customer today said, “There is a certain synergy missing when people work outside the office.” I think it is the same way with family and friends as well. You never want to drive all day for the family get together, but once you get there, you are always glad you came. You can’t taste your aunt’s potato salad over the phone and watching people interact isn’t the same over social media.

When I get together with my family, things get brutally honest, and we poke fun at each other. My grandma would tell me I am getting a little heavy and I needed a haircut. Then, ask me if I wanted ice cream on the pie. At first, you get a little offended, but then you realize these are the people you trust and who don’t mince words. They tell you exactly what they think with no sugar. Brothers, sisters, cousins, all bring each other’s egos down a peg with jokes, especially if we don’t agree politically. We all get along and share stories of how we don’t know what we are doing raising kids and how the heck did our parents do it without modern conveniences.

So, come on over and see us sometime. Don’t worry about what people think and go see your family and friends. It is not just for your benefit. It makes others happy you took the effort to come the distance. Let it all hang out and tell us what you really think. Make a memory and have a laugh. Life is too short, and you might regret it if you don’t stop in. I know we have all had that one visit we could have had but were too busy, now it’s too late.

- Adam Bruning, Loan Officer- Bruning