Dinner Rolls

Dinner Rolls

Monday, May 22, 2023

Talking with an old friend from Holdrege the other day, he reminded me that we haven’t seen each other in a while. I agreed we had not and asked if his wife was keeping him in line. He said she was doing her job and hasn’t let him throw any dinner rolls lately. This was a call back to a fun night we had, nothing crazy but we threw dinner rolls at the country club. We didn’t get kicked out. I was working there at the time, and he was and still is a lifetime member, despite our antics that evening. It was only one dinner roll, and I had to clean it up, but it was the memory of doing it that makes us smile about it. You see my friend is about 40 years older than me, and his mobility isn’t what it used to be, but this story helps him feel young and devious every time we talk about it.

Looking back on memorable moments in my life, most of them have been ‘unscripted’ or unplanned. Even as a young kid I remember working with my dad on the farm and putting in a long hot day. At the end of it sometimes we would have an ice cream or a cold soda. Most of the time my dad would tell me, ‘Don’t tell your mom’. I don’t know why this made it extra special, but we shared a moment, and that moment was ours. We may have broken the rules a little bit and had a treat, but that was our little secret. Maybe that is what makes a memory memorable. Something personal that no one else can reference. Like your own secret club that lasted for only a minute, but forever remember. A wink and a nod cannot only make someone’s day but create memories for a lifetime.

Another example that comes to mind; I was driving around my hometown and was not being responsible. My dad’s Ford Explorer I was driving slid into a ditch not only because it was icy but also because I was a young teenager. A gentleman about my grandfather’s age drove up behind me and asked what happened. I told him the basics and he pulled me out. He gave me the wink and said, “I was young once, nothing is broken, and I won’t say anything to you parents.” Every time I saw that man, we both exchanged a smile. He could have told my parents, and I am sure they found out if not they know now, but he swore he wouldn’t, and we remained friends until he passed away.

 My grandfather and grandmother were in a nursing home and assisted living at one time. They were in two facilities across the road from one another. They were accustomed to having a five o’clock drink every day. I can say it now, but grandpa would sneak some whiskey over to grandma every day at 5. I am sure the staff knew, but it was a cute gesture, and it made my grandpa feel clever and mischievous in his 90’s. Given their state of health and mind this had to be invigorating.

I know we are always supposed to do the right thing and follow the rules. But sometimes little white lies, helping someone in trouble, and not doing what mom said makes some memories that last a lifetime. Life is short and if it does not hurt anyone, why not make it as fun and memorable as possible.  Sometimes you must throw a dinner roll or sneak some ice cream with someone you care about. You never know what it means to the other person. It could be their greatest memory with you.

- Adam Bruning, Loan Officer