Bruning Bank Reveals Rebrand

Bruning Bank Reveals Rebrand

Monday, August 12, 2019

Bruning State Bank recently changed its name to Bruning Bank and revealed an updated look to the bank’s brand. The new brand focuses on a modern and clean look to meet the expanding industry and reflects the direction the bank is heading for the future.

“The mission of Bruning Bank is to help our clients build and maintain wealth. To do that effectively, we must adapt to the needs of our customers and the financial industry in general. We must stay ahead of the game and do what’s in the best interest to all of our shareholders and your brand experience plays a vital role in that,” said Bruning Bank’s President, Jerry Catlett.

Changes to the Bruning Bank brand include:

  • Name: The bank’s name is slightly shorter, going from Bruning State Bank to Bruning Bank.
  • Logo: The logo itself is a simple, sophisticated branded ‘B’ that acts as a standalone icon for the bank.
  • Color: The primary brand color, rustic red, is a deep, earthy tone that reflects the rich agricultural history of the bank, while also nodding to its Nebraska roots.
  • Tagline: The brand includes an updated tagline of “Build. Grow. Thrive”. The new tagline is a continuation of the mission of Bruning Bank; helping customers build and maintain wealth.

“Our brand isn’t just a new and exciting logo. It’s the way we do business, treat our customers and develop our culture. We’re looking forward to another 125 plus successful years and this new brand will help us get there,” said Chief Executive Officer, Fred D. Bruning.

Bruning Bank offers both personal and business banking services and has a total of five locations across Nebraska: Bruning, Hebron, Broken Bow, Holdrege and Kearney.

About Bruning Bank: Bruning Bank is a family-owned bank established in 1891. We offer solutions in the areas of personal and business banking, insurance and wealth management. While we’ve firmly built our roots in the agricultural community, we have a vision when it comes to the way we do business. We strive to go above and beyond to serve our customers in the ways they need it most, from the latest technology to quick and efficient in-bank service. Our mission is to help individuals and businesses build and maintain wealth by being a trusted, resourceful team to all of our customers. For more information, please contact us or call 402.353.2555.